Mihai Patrascu Seminar in Theoretical Computer Science


The aim of this seminar is to present topics of interest in Theoretical Computer Science.This seminar address not only to researchers, but also to students interested to learn about topics in TCS such as: formal languages and automata, graphs theory, bioinformatics, complexity and approximation algorithms, applications of various fields of mathematics in Computer Science.
During the seminar there will be presentations about interesting existing results, but also original contributions and open problems, in an interactive manner.

Each seminar will last about one hour and the frequency is once at two weeks, on Thursdays at 17, according to the schedule on the site.

If you have any subject connected to the research interests of this group that you would like to present at the seminar or you want to receive news about this seminar, please contact Ruxandra Marinescu at

Everybody is welcome to attend.

Location – University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Room 5


18 January 2018 Andrei Patrascu – University of Bucharest

  • First order methods for relatively-smooth convex optimization abstract

4 January 2018 Marius Zimand – Towson University

  • Distributed compression through the lens of Kolmogorov complexity abstract

7 DecemberRodica Dinu – PhD student, University of Bucharest

  • The Tutte polynomial for lattice path matroids- abstract

23 NovemberAnca Dobrovat – University of Bucharest

  • Using supervised learning to improve multiscale modelling of damage – abstract

9 NovemberLiviu Stoica – student, University of Bucharest

  • Lattices . Shortest Vector Problem & Closest Vector Problem. The LLL Algorithm. Variations and Improvments to the LLL Algorithm. – slides

26 OctoberStefan George Popescu – University of Bucharest

  • Networks of Polarized Evolutionary Processors – abstract

12 OctoberRuxandra Marinescu-Ghemeci – University of Bucharest

  • Proper connection number of graphsslides

28 SeptemberRozica Maria Tache– University of Bucharest

  • Topological indices of graphs

14 September  –  Guillaume Ducoffe – National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, Romania

  • Fully polynomial FPT algorithms for some classes of bounded clique-width graphs – joint work with David Coudert, Guillaume Ducoffe, Alexandru Popa

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